Photo of Me

Hello! I'm Adel, a third-year Mathematics and Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley. I am also currently part of the CS61B Data Structures Course Staff for Fall 2018. My academic interests include Software Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Linear Algebra, and Algorithms/CS Theory. As for my personal life, I grew up in Union, New Jersey and I love playing soccer, going to New York City during the summer, and kicking it back with a delicious meal and a movie.
Here you'll be able to check out a few things that I've been up to during my time as a student here at Cal and whatever I come up with during my free time. Enjoy! :)



Here are some of my latest projects and the classes I've been taking.
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Data Scientist Intern at Intertrust
Course Staff for CS 61B Data Structures
(Former) Lab Assistant for CS 61A
Code Coach at The Coder School

CS189: Intro to Machine Learning
CS188: Intro to Artificial Intelligence
CS170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
Math 128A: Numerical Analysis

Math 113: Abstract Algebra
Math 110: Linear Algebra
CS70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
CS61B: Data Structures

ML@B: Machine Learning DeCal
Deep Art Workshop: Neural Style Transfer
BearMaps: a web mapping app which spans all of Berkeley, CA inspired by the Google Maps team and the OpenStreetMap project
Movie Classifier: k-nearest-neighbors classifier that guesses whether a movie is a romance or action film, based on the number of times certain words are in the screenplay